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ROACH (Rutilus rutilus)

Some of the best roach waters in Ireland are the river Shannon and Lough Derg. Roach can survive in most habitats but thrive in slow-moving waters.

They can be confused in appearance with rudd and they also tend to hybridise with rudd or bream. They have a silver body, red fins and orange eyes. They can be distinguished from rudd by their protruding top lip and the location of their dorsal fin which is exactly in line with their pelvic fin. A rudd has a bottom protruding lip and a dorsal fin set back further than the pelvic one.

Roach eat plants, insects, snails and are particularly fond of worms. Suitable baits are maggots, bread, casters, boilies, hempseed and worms. Small roach are not difficult to catch but a fish over 1lb (0.45kg) is one to be proud of and a 2lb (0.9kg) fish is a real specimen.

The season for roach is June to March in rivers and all year round in still waters.

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