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PERCH (perca fluviatilis)

Small perch (weighing 2-8oz (50-225g)) are often in plentiful supply in Lough Derg as sedate waters are their preferred habitat. This makes perch fishing a good introduction for beginners. It also tests the skills of the more experienced angler however as larger perch are more difficult to catch. Anything over 3lb is considered a specimen.

Perch fishing IrelandPerch are instantly recognizable. They have two large spiked dorsal fins and brilliant red tail and pelvic fins. They are boldly striped and have a large mouth and eyes.

They prefer to feed when the light is low as their large eyes are sensitive to light. They need clear waters however as they hunt by sight.

Perch are predators and will spend most of their time hiding in reeds before they strike out at smaller fish. They are most likely to be found in shady areas such as those under trees, bridges and undercut bridges.

The season for perch is June – March in rivers, all year in still waters.

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